Time to Wrap It Up!

The Graphics Shop specializes in wraps of all kinds. Wall wraps, building wraps, air compressor wraps ... you name it we can wrap it! Vehicle wraps consistently perform as one of the best ways to advertise for businesses. A van, truck, trailer or car wrap can easily garner up to 70,000 impressions a day or 9 Million over 15,000 miles.


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We can’t say enough about The Graphics Shop. They came to our rescue after another local shop failed to produce the quality of printing needed for our extensive branding project. They were professional and meticulous, but more importantly, they cared about the Foodbank and how the murals they were creating would visually impact those who walked through our facility. Thank you to the staff and leadership at The Graphics Shop. Your partnership is one we will value for all projects to come!

Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore

3M Certified Graphics Installation Company

3M Certified Graphics Installation Company

The Graphics Shop is a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company based in Hampton Roads with a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer. We install the highest quality graphics with the utmost attention to detail. 

VEHICLE WRAPS - The Best Advertising Investment

Crystal Pepsi Bus Wrap

What are Vehicle Wraps?

The history of car and truck wraps actually goes back decades when you think about the many different signs that were painted on commercial trucks and vehicles used by large companies as well as small firms and entrepreneurs. They basically used the same painting technology as used on traditional billboards, but instead used their vehicles as the platform.

Fast forward to the 1990s when this all changed thanks to a new product designed by SuperGraphics. This digital imaging company had created vehicle graphics on a new order which was being used to wrap vehicles the size of buses with an advanced vinyl adhesive, much like a sticker that gripped the vehicle but did not damage the paint.

The sight of the first wrapped bus which depicted “Crystal Pepsi” became the stuff of legend and captivated everyone who saw it. Needless to say, the demand for vehicle wraps grew exponentially after that.

Advantages of Vehicle Graphics


Moving Media 

Unlike a billboard or many other forms of printed advertising which sit in one space and are readily ignored, a vehicle wrap catches people’s attention wherever it goes. Plus, new people get to see it all the time which captures their attention as well. New customers can find you every single day on the road!


Market Studies

People who see the truck or car wrap are 15 times more likely to recall the business or product in question. Plus, a whopping 92% actually read all of the copy on the graphic as well. When you add in the 30% who say it influenced their decision to buy and you have a very effective advertising product.


Cost Effective

A vehicle wrap is applied once and it will last for a considerable period of time which means that thousands of people will see it. Despite the fact that a lot of vehicles will have their own vehicle graphics, every one stands out because they are different and can effectively grab attention.

Are Vehicle Wraps Right For Your Business?

While no advertising is perfect, based on multiple market studies local businesses can benefit tremendously from having high quality vehicle wraps. Unlike traditional, stationary print advertising that is easily looked over, vehicle graphics are highly visible and work for many different businesses. Plus, they are customized so that you have a unique look.

When it comes to your advertising dollar, few match the power of the vehicle wrap.

It shows off your business name, address, and other information that will grab people’s attention and have them remembering your company’s name. Vehicle graphics for your individual van, truck, car or fleet of vehicles is one of the best forms of long-lasting advertising around.

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