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4 Meaty Benefits of Using Custom Product Labels in Your Food Business

By tgsva

May 5, 2022

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72% of Americans agree that the design of a product’s packaging will influence their purchase decisions. That’s why store brands have transformed their simple packaging over the years to match that of brand names.

To compete, you will need to enhance your product’s image. Printing designs on packaging can be more expensive than ordering custom product labels. For the sake of testing your design and saving money, labels will be the best route for you to take.

You may think to yourself that a custom product label may not look good, but once you’re done reading these benefits of using custom labels, you will likely change your mind.

1. Helps the Customer Take Your Product Seriously

When designed correctly, labels can serve as one of your best advertising tools. Without a professional-looking design, customers will have a difficult time justifying buying your product.

When printing custom labels, you’re giving your brand a chance to show customers that you take your product seriously.

2. Helps Protect Your Products From the Elements

Custom labels face challenges from undesirable conditions. For example, water could soak through them and into your packaging. Text and images on your product label could also experience fading from sunlight.

These situations only apply to lower-quality custom labels. You can prevent scenarios like this and protect your product by choosing UV- and moisture-resistant materials.

3. Makes Product Packages Pop

Making your product label design stand out among other products’ packaging is critical for marketing your product. When a customer chooses a product on a shelf, you will want yours to stand out. Use vivid colors and creative imagery to catch their attention.

4. Helps Shape Your Brand

A study performed at the University of Loyola, Maryland suggests that you can increase your brand recognition by 80% by selecting the right colors. When more customers recognize and trust your brand, that will result in more sales.

Custom Product Labels: Best Practices

Aside from having colors that pop and relaying your brand’s values to your customer, you will want to keep the following factors in mind when designing your label:

  • Regulations: ensure you follow federal, state, and industry regulations regarding active ingredients
  • Consider the label’s size: your label needs to fit your logo, nutrition fact table, and other more; ensure this information can fit
  • Messaging: to further increase your product’s desirability, add additional to convince customers your product is healthy; for example, “Gluten-free”

Your best bet is to choose a professional designer to help you with your design and to use an experienced graphics printing company that uses high-grade materials.

Enhance Your Product Packaging Today

Using custom product labels doesn’t only help with brand recognition, but will help make your products stand out among competitors. Because of this effect, you’re bound to see more sales if you take product design seriously.

If you now understand the importance of labeling and are ready to search for a product label printing company, The Graphics Shop is here to help. We specialize in food merchandising printing and use only high-quality materials.

Learn more about how we can help your business now.

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