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4 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Deliver Results

By tgsva

September 15, 2022

There are close to 32 million small businesses in the United States. If you want yours to stand out and be successful, you must invest in your marketing strategies. 

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to your small business. It can be overwhelming and stressful to run your own company. 

Marketing can be difficult, especially if you’re just starting out. Read on as we tell you about four small business marketing strategies that will help get your company’s name out there. 

1. Vehicle Wrapping

If you’re just starting out, you may not have any employees yet. This means you are doing everything and you may not have time to spend hours a week on marketing. Wrapping your car is an easy, one-time task that will make a big difference. 

Putting your logo on your car means you are constantly advertising when you’re driving around. Even if you’re parked in a parking lot for a few hours, hundreds of people could see your vehicle.

There is no limit when it comes to who can see your car. You’ll be able to reach an entirely different audience than you can without small business marketing strategies

2. Use Quality Signage

Signage is similar to wrapping your car. Setting up a billboard or signs around town will give you constant exposure. 

Even while you’re sleeping or on vacation, your sign is still attracting business to you. As a small business, you may not have a lot of funds to spend on marketing, which is another reason to invest in signage as it’s a cost-effective strategy. 

3. Emailing Marketing

There are around four billion email accounts. This mean using emails can be an effective way to market. Sending emails is an easy way to connect and communicate with your customers; you can build a personal relationship with them.  

By sending emails, you can tell your customer about campaigns, sales, and other small business promotion information. You can set emails to send automatically throughout the day and even on weekends when you aren’t at the office or not working.

Do some research on your target audience to find out what time of day to send your emails and what type of subject lines are eye-catching. 

4. Invest in Your Social Media 

Having a social media presence is a must-have. It can be overwhelming to get started, as there are many different platforms and their algorithms aren’t the same. 

You don’t need to get started on all of them at the same time. Find which platform your audience uses the most and start there.

Some of our best marketing advice is to be consistent. This is key when it comes to social media marketing. 

Small Business Marketing Strategies 

Running a small business is not for everyone. It requires a lot of commitment and hard work. If you’re starting out or trying to grow, it’s crucial that you spend time learning different small business marketing strategies. 

If you’re struggling to figure out how to start marketing, contact us. We work with small companies and we are confident we can help you too. We also have more small business marketing tips we can share with you. 

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