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5 Amazing Benefits of Auto Window Tinting

By tgsva

September 17, 2021

Did you know that window tint laws vary between states, each determining what tint percentages your car’s windows can have? A tint percentage refers to how much light can pass through your car’s windows. These percentages can range from a very translucent 90% all the way to 5%, which is virtually impossible to see through from the outside.

Each year, more and more car owners are seeing the utility in auto window tinting. Tints on your car’s windows can offer many benefits that you may not have even thought about before. Read on to learn about some key advantages of car window tinting.

1. Protects Your Car’s Interior From Sunlight

When driving, a day’s sunlight can be great for keeping us awake and alert at the wheel. However, over time, the sun can cause damage to the interior of your car. Colors can fade, and both leather and plastic can dry out, wrinkle, or crack.

Car window tinting can block a majority of the sun’s UV rays, shielding the inside of your car from this kind of deterioration.

2. Keeps Your Car Cooler

You might be surprised to learn that the right kind of vehicle window tinting can in some cases decrease the amount of heat allowed into a car’s interior by sixty percent.

We’ve all experienced blistering summer days where we dread returning to a hot car that we’ve left parked outdoors. Another one of the great benefits of auto window tinting is that fewer UV rays also means less heat inside your car.

3. Less Glare

Even with a good pair of sunglasses, it can still be a pain on one’s eyes to drive when the sun is just low enough in the sky to hurt one’s view. A good auto window tinting service can mean less harmful glare through your windows, allowing light to feel more soft and natural.

The result is a much more safe and comfortable driving experience.

4. Security

Another highly sought perk of car window tinting? The less light allowed in your car, the less onlookers can see inside!

If you want to ride free from the eyes of strangers or want to protect your valuable belongings from potentially being spotted through your windows, tints can offer a great layer of protection.

5. Shatter Proofing

Shattering glass is responsible for a great many auto accident injuries a year. Auto window tinting normally involves a film being created around the glass of your windows. This means that, should you get in an accident, your windows will be all the more protected from harmful shattering.

Don’t Wait to Take Your Car to the Next Level!

If you’re considering auto window tinting, there’s no use in waiting! The sooner you give your car a beautiful tinting service, the more you can boost its value and make it feel brand new.

Contact us at The Graphics Shop today and find out exactly how we can upgrade your driving experience today!

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