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5 Things You Need To Know About Vehicle Wraps

If you want to have your car, automobile, van, or any vehicle wrapped, it is best to have a bit of background knowledge just so you are aware of what to expect. Vehicle wraps, sometimes known as wrap advertising, is a marketing practice of wrapping your vehicle, whether partially or completely in an advertisement. With its rise of popularity nowadays as a means of advertising, you should know some basics about vehicle wraps. Here are five things you need to know about vehicle wraps.

Pick a good design

Before actually wrapping your car, design is the first thing that you have to prioritize. There are a couple of factors that you have to consider when designing a car wrap:

  • Does your design fit your brand?
  • Does your design complement your vehicle?
  • Does your design speak well to your purpose?

These are a few of things you have to think over when designing a car wrap. Also, if you are using an image of a face, make sure that the placement is not in an awkward position when the wrap is on the car. It is best to hire a professional graphic designer to do this for you.

The wrap will not damage your car’s paint

Some people are concerned if the paint job on their car would be damaged if wrapped. Well, the answer is no. Typically, a vehicle wrap will not damage your car paint since the adhesive applied on the wrap is designed to be removed. Moreover, wrapping your vehicle can also protect your car’s paint from the wear and tear of natural resources. But, it also depends on how the paint job was done and how the vehicle wrap is applied. If it is done professionally, then rest assured that your car will remain in perfect shape if the wrap is removed.

You can wrap your car yourself, but be forewarned!

It is possible to do a do-it-yourself vehicle wrap you could always try. But be forewarned! It’s not a simple task to do for it involves a great amount of skill and patience to do a good job. Especially if done alone, vehicle wrapping can prove to be a really difficult task to do. For awesome results, vehicle wrapping should be left to the experts. The whole craft of vehicle wrapping needs to be extremely precise and requires a skillful pair of hands.

Vehicle wraps can last up to 4 – 5 years

The way you take care of your vehicle wrap will be a great factor on how long the wrap will last. The overall maintenance of the owner and the quality of the wrap will vary the long term results of your vehicle wrap. Four years seems to be the safest bet for cars which are driven daily. But it is advised to change vehicle wraps every 3 years to assure quality.

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