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5 Must-Have Elements to Include in the Design of Your Car Wrap

Nearly 143 million Americans commute to work every day. If you’re not marketing to them, you’re missing a large portion of potential customers. That’s where a well-designed car wrap comes into play.

Car wraps are a growing trend and it’s no secret. Not only is it a cheaper alternative to painting your car, but it’s also a great way to get your business or brand noticed.

Here are 5 most important elements to include in your next car wrap design.

1. Your Name

The most important thing your wrap needs is your name and logo. Without these two features, this marketing piece is practically useless.

Your potential customers may love your product and your design, but without a name to direct them, it will just be another interesting car on the road.

Make sure that your name and logo are in a noticeable area as well. We recommend putting it on multiple sides of the car.

2. A Catchy Design

The second element you’ll need is a catchy design. The point of a wrap is to stand out and catch people’s eyes.

Spice up their boring commute with an interesting design. This is a great way to show off your services and products. Here are 5 decal design tips that work great for cars and bumpers.

3. Contact Information

Next, don’t forget to add contact information. A website and a phone number can go a long way.

You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to get ahold of you, and contact information is the best way to do that.

People will also be able to view your vehicle on the street and the parking lot. By adding in that contact information, you give them an easy reference for more information.

4. Legible Font

The fourth element you need to remember is to always use a legible font. Most of the time people will see your car wrap while driving.

Oftentimes you’ll only have seconds to make an impact. If the font isn’t legible in that time, that’s a potential customer that will be lost.

Not only should you choose a font that is easy to read from afar, but you should also keep the font size as large as your design will allow.

5. A Clear Message

Lastly, make sure that you are communicating one clear message. It may be tempting to advertise many different aspects of your business.

However, too many messages can easily get lost on a fast moving car. Choose the one message that is most important to your brand and tell it in a concise way.

Car wraps are great for sending the right message to your local customers, but they’re even more effective when combined with these other local marketing tips. Check them out!

Design Your Car Wrap Today!

With 253 million cars on the road every day you’ll need a good car wrap design to stand out from the crowd. That’s where we come in!

Here at TGS, we specialize in print marketing that works. Contact us today for a quote and see what our print specialists can do for you.