March 13


Best Sign Design Tips for Effective Marketing

By tgsva

March 13, 2023

About 92% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 23 say it’s easier to read print over digital marketing materials. Without strong signage, however, consumers might never realize your small business exists. If you want to make a strong first impression, you need to improve your business marketing with new signage!

Use these sign design tips to ensure your meat production company makes the best first impression possible. Read on to learn more!

Determine Your Goal

Before you begin designing a sign, take a moment to consider the goal you’re trying to accomplish. For example, do you want to:

  • Market a product/service
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Generate foot traffic to your store
  • Generate website traffic
  • Boost leads and sales
  • Market an upcoming sale

Determining your goal will ensure you include the necessary details on your sign. It can also help you determine what type of sign you need.

For example, if you’re marketing an upcoming sale, you need to consider the date. Is the sale online or in-store? Perhaps you need building signs, wayfinding signs, backlit signs, site signs, Gemini lettering, or banners.

You don’t want to include too much information on your sign. Instead, you want to spark the consumer’s interest before drawing them to your meat production company. 

Maintain Brand Consistency

A distinct color can boost brand recognition by up to 80%. Meanwhile, consistent branding can increase revenue by up to 23%. As you use this sign design guide, make sure to keep your branding in mind.

Your small business brand guidelines should outline your:

  • Vision and mission statements
  • Voice and tone
  • Personality
  • Color palette
  • Font styles
  • Imagery styles
  • Logo styles

Make sure the imagery for your sign matches your brand guidelines. Otherwise, consumers might fail to recognize your brand. 

Focus on Readability

If people can’t read your sign, you’ll miss the chance to attract people to your business.

Make sure the text is easy to read. Consider where you’ll place the sign. Can people read it while driving by (or at night)?

Choose text that’s visible and legible.

Keep It Simple

To make sure your sign is effective, aim for simplicity.

Include white space to give the text room to breathe. Try to minimize the text as much as possible. Using only a few words can also ensure people read it while passing by.

Hire Professionals

If you’re struggling to use these design tips, you don’t have to design your sign alone. Instead, consider hiring professionals this year. An experienced design team can ensure your sign makes a positive first impression.

With their help, you can grab the consumer’s attention and draw them to your meat production company with your new sign!

Use These Sign Design Tips for Success

Using this sign design guide can help you make the most of your print marketing strategy. Remember, you don’t have to apply these tips alone. Instead, consider partnering with an experienced agency this year.

With professional print services, you can give your marketing strategy the boost it needs.

Ready to get started? We can help your meat production business stand out.

Contact us today to learn more.

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  1. It's helpful to learn that we'd focus on making our sign readable. I'm helping my mom with her posters and flyers, and she just mentioned she'd like to have a sign outside of her new coffee shop. Next week, we'll look for a shop that helps us print eye-catching signs.

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