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How to Take Care of My Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps are known for the protection they give for your car besides their creative designs. Because of their protective element, most wrapped vehicle owners forget to regularly maintain their vehicle wraps.

Like the rest of your car, your vehicle wrap requires cleaning and maintenance. This will help in extending the life of your vehicle wrap. Regularly cleaning your wrap will help in keeping it away from pollutants or damages. It will also maintain the vibrant colors of your vehicle wrap’s design.

It is easy to take care of your wrapped vehicle. By following the instructions below, you are helping extend the longevity of your vehicle wrap!

Keeping It Clean

Anything can accumulate dirt and dust. Because of this, it is recommended that you keep a microfiber in your trunk. When you think it’s time to give your vehicle a bath, hand wash your car once a week with a sponge or microfiber cloth and mild detergent. You can also pressure wash your wrapped vehicle at a certain angle and pressure to be safe (please read, “Can I Wash My Vinyl-Wrapped Car?”). After rinsing, minimize water spotting by using a silicone squeegee or microfiber cloth to remove water.

Another reminder is to not take your vehicle on an automatic car wash. The harsh bristles can damage your vinyl wrap which will then cost you great amounts. Hand-washing your vehicle is always the most recommended way to clean your wrapped vehicle.


After rinsing, make sure to dry your vehicle completely. It is important that you dry every area off with a clean microfiber cloth. Drying your wrapped vehicle is also essential in the longevity of your vehicle wrap because it prevents water spotting, which can damage your wrap. Do not dry off your vehicle with those large blow dry machines.


It is advisable that you wax your vehicle at least once every 3 months. This will help keep your wrap protected from adverse elements. However, when you get your vehicle waxed, always choose the best one for your type of vinyl. You can always ask an expert in these shops to make sure they use the wax that is safe for vinyl. Additionally, waxing your vehicle is also beneficial when it comes to the uninstallation process because it allows the vinyl to be removed with little to no adhesive.


To help maintain the good condition of your vehicle wrap, park somewhere safe and indirect from the sun. Parking under the trees may be safe for a short time but too long can damage your wrap because of the saps. The harshness of the sun can also ruin the colors of your wrap when it is exposed for too long. As much as possible, do not park your vehicle where possible menacing elements are present.

We hope you have learned many things about cleaning and maintaining your wrapped vehicle. If you have questions or comments, please submit your message below or you can contact us today!

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