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Nissan 370Z Car Wrap

What Is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping is a process which is being used widely around the world by car owners who want to change the color of their vehicle. This process is done by using large sheets of self adhesive vinyl and the skills and experience of highly trained technicians. Through doing this a vehicle can be wrapped to change its appearance. To many people with an untrained eye, the finished vehicle wrap will appear as good as a brand new paint job on your vehicle! The chances are that you may have even come across a vinyl wrapped vehicle and not even known it!

So how has this type of vehicle graphic design come about?

The use of vehicle vinyl wrapping is much more widely used commercially. Most of you at some point have probably seen many buses, vans or even trains with full color graphics on the side? Taxis and delivery trucks are also widely wrapped for the purposes of advertising products or services.

These self adhesive vinyl graphics have also widely been used for vehicle graphics, livery and sign writing on cars, vans, buses and even boats! This method of advertising, or simply changing the look of a vehicle has been around for many years indeed. The sizes, colors and quantities available have changed dramatically as more and more companies have begun offering these items for sale.

Nissan 370Z Car WrapThe vinyl which is used for vehicle wrapping simply must be of the highest possible quality and most important it has to be conformable. This simply means that it can be stretched (to a certain extent) around the curves and contours of a particular vehicle. A good quality vinyl will not only stretch, it will remain in place for a minimum amount of time (years). This will be subject to the guarantee by the company either fitting the vinyl or supplying it. In any chase the vinyl wrap should come with a manufacturers guarantee.

More and more car owners these days are turning to vehicle wraps. This is because people want to change the color of their vehicle but do not want the time or price that it takes to get a vehicle re-sprayed. The major benefit is the immediate color change, it will only take between 1 – 3 days to wrap a vehicle, depending on the size and how complex the project will be. The vinyl will not damage any paintwork what so ever, as a matter of fact the vinyl will actually over a great layer of protecting to you vehicles original paintwork. And if you ever need to remove the vinyl, it can be easily taken off with minimal of fuss.

Obviously the quality of the finish of the vinyl wrap will depend on which company you decide to install it. Look for a company who can show you a portfolio of their work and who can offer you a range of designs and options for your chosen project. A good, reputable company will always be willing to help and will have lots of samples to show you.


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