March 2


Chesapeake Sheriff’s Dept Rides in Style

By TGSadmin

March 2, 2016

The Graphics Shop worked alongside the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Department to design custom graphics for their motorcycle fleet. These Harley-Davidson units are the first and only three motorcycles that will serve the department. Until further notice the bikes will primarily be used in parades, funeral and dignitary escorts.

Graphic designer, Marc Reyes designed, printed and installed the graphics for each motorcyle. The material used for the bike graphics are a reflective material to ensure high visibility.

Sheriff’s Deparment officers were required to complete a two week cycle training course. Officer Duane McNair said:

“It was the hardest thing I have ever done. It was even more physically challenging than SWAT training due to controlling and stabalizing such a massive device. I must have fallen at least 15 times on that machine.”

All officers are trained and authorized to drive the motorcyles but only a handful are Law Enforcement Certified to write tickets. Training was completed at the Chesapeake Bay Police School in Portsmouth.

Officer McNair commented on TGS’s work on the motorcycles, “They’re stylish, beautiful and unique. No one has ever seen, that I know, a cycle like this before.”

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