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Design Ideas for Business Wall Graphics

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July 13, 2018

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Office wall graphics are mainly for the employees and customers. They help set the tone of the workplace, illustrate and promote your company culture, boost customer appeal, and they contribute to your company’s brand. One of the best things about wall graphics is that you can let your creative imagination come to life. For you to achieve all these objectives, here are some design ideas for office wall graphics:


Setting your own scene through a wall graphic can transport you and your workers to a whole new place. Using nature as a design is a good way to create a place of tranquility and peace. Examples of this design are scenes of a forest, beach, waterfall, garden, sky, sunset or underwater. You can admire the city lights of the New York skyline from your office desk.


Adding texture to a wall graphic is a good trick if you do not wish to go through the hassle of actually applying the real thing on your wall. You can avoid the time, mess, and money in creating an effortless look of brick, wood, stone, or tile. To be more creative, some pull out real life objects and elements such as peacock feathers, leaves, or raindrops. In adding texture to a wall graphic, it is good to create an accent by using a unique pattern for a vibrant display.


Themes work great in businesses like restaurants and gyms. They are also appropriate in homes like in baby rooms. Whether it be sports, movies, dancing, fishing, cars, or video games, you can personalize your space to create a happy environment.


For a more original display, you can use your own stills or favorite photos as your wall graphics! Showcase your photography skills by creating a collage of your favorite photos of beautiful sceneries, family photos, or office outings for a genuine and unique wall display.

Display Quotes

This is where the motivation and encouragement comes in. Displaying quotes is a great way to achieve a positive and happy environment. You may display your company’s mission statement to remind your employees what their goals should be or you can put a note of encouragement perhaps in the restroom or in the break room to cheer your employees up especially in times of stressful situations.


Show off your creativity and talent with a piece of art that takes up the office’s entire wall space. By making use of the psychology of colors, you can evoke any emotion you wish to your visitors and employees to make sure you create a positive or welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, they can add a bold and modern accent in any business.

We hope this sparked your creativity with the design ideas featured. Here at The Graphics Shop, we specialize in printing many kinds of wraps. Let us know by submitting your comment or message down below and we can help you design the wall graphics and more for your business or home!

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