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Design Ideas for Floor Decals

Floor graphics are a unique print application that can be an effective marketing tool. They can be used just about anywhere even when it’s not your business location. Floor graphics can be used to advocate good causes, serve as directional signage or advertise products or services.

Because floor decals are effective marketing tools, here are some creative design ideas to consider:

Footprint Decals

Using footprint floor decals is a fairly common idea. It is great way to direct customers to a specific location or product. Depending on your objects, a trail design can either be direct or mysterious. Either way, they can still engage people in following the graphics to a business front. Going the mysterious route with the graphics develops a sense of adventure and intrigue. Customers will want to find out why the “bigfoot” prints are in the mall and follow them to learn more.

Scenic Floor Wraps

Another fantastic way of grabbing people’s attention is to let them experience the element of escapism. This is particularly effective in places where there are waiting areas like lobbies, train stations, courtyards, etc. This will give the customers something visually pleasing to pass time with. At the same time, this floor design can incorporate advertising and promotional messaging. Having multifunctional graphics is an economical and practical way of marketing.

3D Effect/Illusions Graphics

Two dimensional images cannot communicate the same way that 3D effects do. With the creative use of perspective, a floor graphic can look as if it was real or popping out of the floor. Done correctly, these types of displays will become must visit locations. Floor advertisements can be really engaging, and with a 3D effect, it will add that much more interactivity.

Selfie Spots

Selfies are the official past time of the internet and social media.  Another popular pose is taking photos of hands and feet. Take advantage of these trends by using floor advertisements as selfie spots! You can take the print world interactive with this application as customers spread the word about your company through social media when they upload their photos online.

Here at The Graphics Shop, we can help you design, print and install any of these ideas. Let us come along side of your business to produce a decal, graphic or wrap that demands attention. If you have comments or questions, submit your message below or you can contact us today!

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