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Design Ideas for Vehicle Wraps

By TGSadmin

June 11, 2018

vehicle wrap

Design Ideas for Vehicle Wraps

vehicle wrap
Car wrapping specialists wrapping a vehicle with grey vinyl film or foil

There are hundreds of creative things we can do to accessorize our vehicles such as customized plates, colored tinted windows, LED wheel lights, and of course, vehicle vinyl wraps. More commonly they are called car wraps or vehicle wraps, this is the practice of completely or partially covering the original paint of your vehicle with a different color, design, or print. It can also serve as a protective layer. With the industry relying on creative, precision graphic design teams and skilled installers, vehicle wraps have become increasingly popular. Although vehicle wraps are most commonly used for commercial purposes (advertising), the demands for personal and customized designs for cars are becoming more and more common.

If you want to get your vehicle wrapped, here are some creative ideas you can choose from:

Chrome Vehicle Wrap

chrome vehicle wrap

This vehicle wrap is usually used in exotic cars, and has recently become popular in other parts of the world. They give cars a unique look that is unlike anything else on the road. Because it is not common to entirely wrap your vehicle in chrome, some owners only use chrome on select parts of their car as highlights.

Color Change Vehicle Wrap

color change Vehicle Wrap

A color change vehicle wrap is generally used to cover your vehicle entirely. This is an excellent way to protect the original color of your vehicle, if you plan on reselling it at a later date. It is a quicker option than repainting the entire car and it can be less expensive. There are countless design options with a color change, whereas the standard colors from a car dealer are limited.

Illusion Vehicle Wrap

illusion Vehicle Wrap

Examples of this would be a vehicle wrapped to look like a completely different car or a bus that looks like is being crushed by an enormous python. Another effect to consider is adding a person or animal to be cleverly incorporated in the design in a realistic way. With these very unique designs, your vehicle will turn heads. Observers will have to look closely at your car to see if their eyes are tricking them. After all, that’s how illusion works.

Animal Vehicle Wrap

animal skin Vehicle Wrap

For those wild creatives, getting your vehicle wrapped with an animal design will surely turn heads. With a wide variety of options, your vehicle can be a cheetah, tiger, zebra and just about anything else you can think of! A talented designer will be able to combine the right design and colors to make your vehicle wrap look like the real skin or fur of an animal.

Texture Vehicle Wrap

texture Vehicle Wrap

Textures wraps can be a great effect for your vehicle. The possibilities of different textures are not only unlimited, they can also carry a theme and message of which you want to convey to your customers. An example is the wood-like vehicle wrap. While your vehicle looks unique and creative, it can also be an effective brand tie-in for a construction company or flooring business.

Patriotic Vehicle Wrap

patriotic Vehicle Wrap

This vehicle wrap will cause your spirit to soar high and sing your national anthem with pride. With your vehicle wrapped around your national flag, people will definitely stand at attention and put their hands on their hearts.

We hope with these suggestions your creativity has been sparked. There are many design options. Choose one that is appropriate for your personal or professional use. If you have questions or comments, let us know by submitting your message below!

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  1. I appreciate that this post reminded us that when looking for vehicle wraps, we should be mindful of the type. It makes sense as doing so, ensures that we are choosing the right wrap. I will consider the design before I decide on which type to go with.

  2. I liked how you wrote that textures wraps can be an excellent effect on your car. My friend wants to have commercial vehicle wraps. I should advise him to turn to a firm that offers design, print and install of vehicle wraps.

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