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Food Merchandising 101: Great Ways to Market Your Deli Effectively

By tgsva

June 9, 2021

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Food industry businesses earn an average profit margin of 0-15%.

Operating a successful deli depends on your food merchandising, especially your in-store displays. The better your food looks, the more you’ll sell.

Do you currently operate a deli and wonder how to increase your sales? Read on to learn all about effective deli meat marketing.

In-Store Displays

Point of purchase (POP) marketing is vital for your business advertising because your deli relies on walk-in sales.

These campaigns involve displays close to where people make purchasing decisions. So while you might not have a cash register behind your deli case, the case is where people choose their meats. 

Once you get shoppers into your deli, you have to convince them to buy. You give yourself a better opportunity to sell high-profit margin products when you advertise them with an eye-catching display.  

Dim lighting, haphazard meat cases, and a lack of bright signage will not excite your customers.

Spruce up your meat case with new dividers. These dividers will help increase your point of purchase marketing and draw hungry customers to your deli case. Once your customers see your display, they’ll keep coming back.

What Makes Your Deli Unique?

Marketing your deli is like advertising any business. You have to figure out what you offer that your competition doesn’t or can’t. When it comes to meat marketing, your competition is the supermarket deli counter.

More than 60% of Americans still shop for food in person, even during a global pandemic. Online shopping cannot replicate the in-store food shopping experience.

Even though the majority of Americans shop in person, convenience is a concern. Why make two stops when you can buy what you need in one place?

Social Media is More Important Than Ever

If you’re not advertising your business through social media, you’re not running your business. Your deli needs an active social media presence.


An estimated 72% of Americans use some form of social media. Many of these people use more than one platform daily.

How do you promote your deli through social media? You need photos. More specifically, you need professional-looking food photos.

Making sure your meat case looks perfect in these pictures will draw customers to your shop. Mouthwatering photographs of a deli meat case with bright dividers will pop on your social accounts.

You can achieve these professional-looking shots with a quality phone camera and expertly designed display graphics.

Food Merchandising Means Success

The food business isn’t for the faint of heart. With slim profit margins and fierce competition, you need to find a way to set yourself apart from your competition.

Your deli business not only competes with local restaurants but also the convenient deli counters of supermarket chains. Your food merchandising will get customers in the door and keep them coming back.

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