Cox vehicle graphicsPlease take the following steps to insure a successful and quick wrap experience.

Wash Your Vehicle

All vehicles must be cleaned and washed before we can install graphics on the vehicle. If the vehicle does not come to us clean, we will charge a $65.00 washing fee. $65.00 per hour for larger vehicles. All graphics should be removed as well (old vinyl graphics, etc.) We provide vinyl and graphic removal services if you do not want to remove them yourself. Additional removal fees will be assesd if The Graphics Shop has to remove the graphics for you.

Automative Grade Paint Recommended

We do recommend you have an automotive grade paint and finish on your car. This will ensure a successful feature removal of the graphic and warranty. If the vehicles finish is not in good condition (rust, corrosion, etc.), we have the right to waive warranty for the wrap.

Remove Hardware & Accessories

We do ask that you remove any hardware or accessories from your vehicle that will prohibit us from successfully wrapping your vehicle (ie: Large external Door locks, racks, etc.) There will be a charge for the removal and reinstallation per hr for these items. Items that we will remove for free are stock items on the vehicle such as mirrors, tail and headlights and rear window wipers (as long as there is no hardware that is heavily in the way.)

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