Onsite Recon Car WrapMost vehicle wraps can be taken through car washes just like any painted vehicle. However, like with many paint jobs, vehicle wraps can also be damaged by car washes. Take care around the exposed edges and seams of a wrap. We also recommend storing your vehicle in shaded areas when you are not using it (either driving or advertising). This will extend the life of your wrap by keeping the colors from fading in direct sunlight.

We do recommend you wax your vehicle once a year or more. This will maintain the luster of your graphic and also help protect from small blemishes that can occur. We recommend using a liquid wax.

If you use a pressure wash we advise that you never get closer than 20″ and keep the wand at and angle never going against the flaps of the overlap of the wrap. This has the potential to peel the wrap up. NEVER pressure wash the window perforation on your vehicle. It WILL rip apart.

Never use window wipers on your window perforation. This will damage the ink and the perforation.

Most insurance companies will offer a special policy to cover your vehicles graphics. Call your insurance agent to see if this is something that is offered through your company.

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