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How Large Format Printing Can Help Your Business

By tgsva

October 14, 2022

Small business owners cannot explore marketing options without hearing about digital marketing. There is a certain logic to it, as you can exert a lot of control over the costs and implementation of most digital marketing strategies. Yet, there is also a kind of disconnect there as well.

After all, you’re competing against 200 million other active websites. Many small businesses, especially ones catering to local customers, are now reexamining what might be called old-school marketing options like large format printing.

Not clear on how large format printing can help you market your business? Keep reading to discover what it can do for you.

It’s Memorable

One of the big challenges in marketing a small business is the creation of a mental link between a customer and a product or brand. In fact, it usually takes multiple exposures to marketing materials or ads for a given brand or business before customers start making that link.

A big part of the reason is that people tune out marketing and ad messages that don’t capture their attention immediately. One of the shortcuts you can use in capturing people’s attention is getting a commercial printing service to make you banners or posters with large format printing.

That large format captures the eye and, if things go well, the attention of potential customers.

It’s Efficient

A lot has changed in printing over the years. In the old days, most printing happened with offset printing machines that imposed a lot limits on what you could or couldn’t achieve.

These days, commercial printing services routinely employ the same kinds of technology that you see in print-on-demand book publishing. It’s much faster and generally more efficient than offset printing.

It also lets you change course faster if you experience a sudden change in your business, like being the number one business in your category in your city.

It’s a Long-Term Investment

A lot of physical advertising and marketing materials only exist long enough for a customer to see them once and, maybe, write down your number. After that, they go straight into the trash or recycling bin.

Large format printing, on the other hand, can keep providing your valuable service for far longer. Most of this kind of printing happens on much more durable materials, such as vinyl, wood, corrugated plastic, or even metal.

That sign you commission can often handle months of abuse in the outdoors without fading.

Large Format Printing and You

Large format printing can provide your business with several benefits. Not the least of these benefits is that it’s memorable. Large print draws the eye and can help forge those important mental links in a potential customer’s mind.

It’s also a much more efficient process now that many companies use digital printing technology. You can also make it a long-term investment with careful material selection.

The Graphics Shop offers a wide range of commercial printing options, including large format printing, in the Virginia Beach area. For more information or to get started, contact The Graphics Shop today.

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  1. I appreciate that this post mentioned that one of the benefits of digital printing is that it is efficient and cost-effective. My wife and I are planning to promote our business. We will look for feasible digital printing options to help promote our business on a wider scale.

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