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How to Design an Effective Banner Ad

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August 7, 2018

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The marketing industry can be challenging. Sometimes, even if an ad is literally displayed right in front of a crowd, people will still manage to ignore it as if it’s not there. People in the business industry know this struggle. Since this is the reality, the competition gets really tough. Who is the most original, most creative and, of course, most effective in making their ads captivating?

Banners, even in this digital age, continue to be very relevant and advantageous as printed marketing tools. Your banner will serve its purpose with the right design and strategies, and here is how you do it:

Know the banner placement.

In short, know the right place to place your banner. This is the first thing you should think about before making decisions about the banner’s design. It might seem that considering the placement of your banner first is a backward step on the process. It is actually strategic because the location of your banner is likely going to affect the color scheme or even the entire design of the banner. The color scheme of your banner ad should be contrasting in comparison to its placement.

Go large and bold.

What makes banners different from any other marketing materials is that it aims to attract attention from a great distance unlike business flyers and posters. Because of this purpose, you remember that any content on your banner has to be large. It has to be easy to read even when an individual is far away.

However, it is not just the size of your text that matters. The font is just as important. There are thousands of different font styles available to a designer, and it can tempt to pick the most flamboyant one. Readability and the coherence is always something that must be considered. Always choose a font legible for anyone that may see it. The coherence of the font style and your content will also matter. If you are advertising technology, you could use a “digitized” font. If wedding services are being promoted, a more classic, refined font would work well.

Keep your message short and simple.

Always remember when designing your banner, keep the message short and simple. Most banners succeed when they feature nothing more than a few words. Nobody has the time to lead long paragraphs on the road or even on the sidewalks. Communicate your message in as little time as possible. Do not put unnecessary content to avoid confusing or boring your audience. Only provide the necessary information like your company name and company logo. (Business addresses are only optional). Keep in mind the message you want to convey to your audiences. Additionally, for it to be more enticing, you can always go with a smart or witty content that engages the reader.

Choose appropriate colors.

Just because a certain color is the brightest or most attractive doesn’t necessarily mean it should be applied on your banner. The banner’s color scheme, the content and the business itself should all work together seamlessly. The colors used in the banner should complement your existing brand.

Since colors are the first things that attract viewers even in a distance, your color choices should be on point. Play with the psychology of colors which individually evoke a certain emotion from a viewer.

Red – passion, danger, excitement, and love

Orange – vitality and happiness

Yellow – humor, energy, and optimism

Green – health, wealth, freshness, and nurturing

Blue – safety, trust, clarity, and serenity

Purple – luxury, royalty, wisdom, and creativity

White – purity, cleanliness, simplicity, and innocence

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