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How to Design Attractive Signage


April 30, 2013

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Signage or posters are a platform to showcase and market a product or the brand name of your company, to attract customers. It is one of the popular tools of marketing, to achieve great sales results. It is often the first contact point of your company’s name and its products or services with the targeted consumers in the market. Investing in well-designed signage is therefore crucial for the future of a company.

Conventionally, posters and signage were printed on sheets and put up as hoardings in a maximum visibility area, which ensures that a maximum number of the targeted consumers are exposed to the message that you need to convey. With the advancement of technology and marketing methods however, posters can be created and distributed online which increases the reach considerably.

Tips to Design Attractive Signage

  • The most important thing that you need to keep in mind while designing a poster or a sign is the message. This is what reaches the consumer in the end, and therefore you need to design it in the most attractive manner, experimenting with the creative options, but at the same time not changing the underlying information. Ensure that your message is short and crisp, and written in a simple but attractive font which will increase the readability. Use simple language without any complex words which are difficult to understand.
  • The current market is full of competitors, and the future of your company depends primarily on attracting maximum attention towards your products or services. The signage that you design should be able to fulfill this criterion. Include the most attractive features and offers related to your product only in the poster and do not clutter the space with unwanted information. Allot the most visible space to write this information and experiment with the design and colors to increase visibility.
  • A poster with only text may not be very effective in attracting the attention of the masses. Include pictures and relevant photographs in the most attractive manner, while using space to provide equal weight to both. Include highlights and headers to stimulate your audience to look for more details. You can use the graphics in a variety of ways like 3D posters and signs that seem to originate from its surroundings, to attract more attention.
  • At the end it is important that you spend some time in finishing your poster. Proofread every thing because nothing is more unattractive than errors or a font overlap in your final design. You should be able to rectify any mistake if needed, before the final copy is to be put up for the public to view. To increase the visibility factor, adding a few neon lights or utilize the natural light while positioning your signage is also an option.

To conclude, a good poster or sign is one which is attractive and conveys the most important message at a glance. To achieve the desired results it is advisable to hire a professional designer to create the perfect poster or signage for your company.

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