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How to Pursue a Career in Graphic Design


April 15, 2013

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After successful completion of high school, students generally ponder on the career options available to them. Many students opt for art-related courses as compared to the usual trend of learning medicine, accounts, and engineering.

Graphic designing is a course that is gaining popularity among the young generation. Graphic design is in demand in many organizations. In this article we give you useful insights about taking up graphic designing as a career option.

The role of a graphic designer

Graphic designers are those individuals who make use of their skills in art to come up with an interface that can positively impact the end-user according to pre-defined requirements. Generally the graphic designer makes use of natural and computer oriented skills to produce this art form. He can make use of different computer software that enables the designer to use various images, animation, typefaces, and colors to design his work.

The designer is responsible for developing the look and feel of the product in general. In order to do this the designer needs to systematically plan his work. This is why a graphic designer plays an integral part in the design and development of any product.

Areas of application

Graphic designers usually work along with website designers. Other than this they can consider a variety of roles and specialize in designing specific products. Advertising sector largely makes use of designing skills to come up with impactful promotional displays like billboards and banners. All kinds of interactive media also make use of graphic designers. Every text, audio, animation, video, and graphics in games is created by these designers.

Newspapers also make use of designers to give an appropriate layout depending on the requirements. Other instances of print media that take the help of graphic designers are magazines, marketing brochures, corporate reports, official presentations, logo generation, and journals.

Educational qualifications required for a graphic design job

Educational requirements will depend on the kind of role and the organization you are aspiring to work for. If you plan to work for a multi-national company, you might need a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. In some medium-sized companies a diploma in the designing field might suffice. If you plan to work as a freelancer, self-acquired exceptional skills in designing might be enough.

Generally every graphic designer should have thorough knowledge about the software, and should be comfortable in using all kinds of graphics and designing computer software. Skills like creatively visualizing an idea, effective communication, and problem solving are equally important. Keeping himself up to date about the current news related to the industry is also essential. In order to showcase his experience, knowledge, and skills in graphic design, a portfolio should be made available when needed. This is one of the first things that the employers will look at. You must remember that it might take some time to gain adequate knowledge in the industry. Experience of two or three years is essential for advancing further in the career as a graphic designer.

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