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How To Turn Your Car Into A Moving Advertisement


March 13, 2014

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Whether you actually have your own business or not, you can turn your vehicle into a moving advertisement in order to gain interest for a business, product or service.

Why would I want to turn my car into a mobile advertising board if I do not have my own business? This is a very simple question to answer, and simply put it is because of money! There are literally hundreds if not thousands of companies out there who are willing to pay in order for you’re to drive around in your vehicle, as you would normally, with their advertising on your vehicle.

The good thing about this is that you can find companies that will make custom car wrap graphics that will fit nicely on your vehicle. These will not ruin the paintwork and will be easily removed at such time that you no longer wish for them to be on your vehicle. This initial outlay will soon be repaid when you find a great company to promote.

What you will need to do first is to determine if you would be eligible to advertise someone else’s business in this way in order to make money yourself. Companies will look for people who drive long distances through popular areas during busy traffic hours; this is to ensure maximum exposure.

Ideally you should be driving 1000 miles per month, commute in the areas which are relevant to the geographical areas that the advertiser is trying to target and you should have a car with lots of room for ad space.

If you have your own business then advertising it on your vehicle or anyone else that may drive a company vehicle in line with your business makes perfect sense. It is a very low cost yet very effective way of marketing your business.

You will need to set aside a budget, speak with local companies who offer car graphics or car wraps in order to get a feel for how much it would cost to get a graphic, part wrap or full wrap made for your vehicle. You will then know how much to budget for this marketing strategy.

Designing your car wrap does not have to be as difficult or daunting as you think. If you are a whiz at graphic design then you could easily knock up some great ideas yourself and present these to the car graphics or wrapping company. They will then design a custom wrap which you will be able to approve or revise until you are satisfied.

Whichever option you are looking at doing, ensure that you visit your local car graphics, or vehicle wrapping company. Speak with the staff members who are specialists in this area. You will be able to discover what they can do for you in order to provide maximum exposure for the graphic and how to come up with an amazing design within the budget that you are setting yourself.

Be creative; use this amazing method of promoting and marketing your business and you will see how many heads turn to look at your advertising.


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