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Is it Important Getting my Banner Hemmed?

By TGSadmin

September 20, 2019

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If you are in the business industry, you are not so far from the concept of advertising. Advertising is one of the most crucial aspects of having a business. Business owners turn to digital marketing such as advertising through social media or radio, and also the traditional printed advertising. This includes signage, indoor/outdoor signs, billboards, vinyl vehicle wraps, banners, and many more. When you do the latter, it is always a good choice. Printed advertising, like banners, is an effective way to advertise.

Banners are affordable and effective. They continue to be relevant and helpful with the right designs and strategies. However, when it comes to printing them, there are certain questions you might ask. And one common question is this: do I need to get my banner hemmed?

Hemming Banners

Hemming banners involves the bonding together of 2 layers of vinyl to create a one-inch edge that is double thick and double strong. This improves the sustainability of the banner to elements such as wind, stress, rain, and torn resistance. Hemming reinforces the edges of the banner.

Banners that are hemmed experience less damage. They are much stronger signs, suited for long outdoor use. Just like hemming a skirt or a pair of pants, these clothing become much stronger and less likely to be torn or unraveled. With the same reason, banners are also hemmed to avoid unraveling. Hemming makes us of additional material outside of the actual print dimensions but does not compromise or reduce the actual size of the banner.

Advantages of Hemmed Banners

Most people hang their customized banners with bungee cables as they are one of the easiest and fastest ways. Most banners are also made with grommets (an eyelet placed in a hole for easier insulation of rope or cables to prevent tearing the banner or sign) evenly positioned across the top edge of the sign.

  • Hemmed banners are stronger than that of the regular banners as they are less likely to be torn apart whether intentionally or unintentionally (strong wind, rain, etc.)
  • The edges of the banner are double-thick and won’t easily get torn off
  • The grommets bite into double layers of vinyl which creates a much stronger grip; weak banners get torn apart easily by the grommets
  • The banner is more dimensionally stable and won’t crumple or curl as they will look straighter and sturdier
  • The hems are not sewed, they are wielded by heat which means it is hard for the hems to be ruined

When it comes to finishing your banner, you’re going to want it to last longer when it’s time to display it. There are other kinds of ways in finishing your banner but hemming is definitely your first option when you want your banner to be strong as it advertises your business.

If you have questions or comments about hemming banners, please submit your message below or you can contact us today!

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