June 3


Know More About Digital Art Wraps For Vehicles


June 3, 2013

Vehicle wraps have been used for art and branding purposes for a long time now. Nothing catches your attention more than a well designed vehicle wrap passing by on the road. For business owners, putting up advertisements on vehicles ensures high visibility or increased reach out of the message to all. Messages printed on vehicles are a great way to market your product of service as it will move around the city and take your message even to the most remote localities.  Also, the concept of digital art on vehicles, although was present, is catching up in the new generation as everyone wants to stand out in the crowd and make an impression.

Digital designing and vehicle wraps are becoming more-and-more popular with the current generation looking for expert designers who will deliver what is there in your mind. Digital art which can be printed on any surface unlike other art-forms has less limitation with regards to what can be achieved and what not. An artist or a designer can play with ideas, patterns, and colors, which was not possible a few years back but made available now by technological advancements like designing software. Having said that, it is also important to stay updated about the recent trends and technological advancement in the field for which various professional courses are available. Mentioned below are two techniques that are taught to designers in these courses:

Choosing the correct ink for printing

There are two main things you need to consider while choosing the ink and the printer for design printing purposes. The fist criteria is the longevity and finish and the second most important criteria is the odor of the paint. The only kind of printer machine suitable for all printing jobs is a solvent-ink based machine which uses solvent-ink which is known for its longevity outdoors. A solvent –ink is suitable not just based on its longevity but also because it allows you to print on some very high-end surfaces like expensive vinyl coated media.

Determining printing speed

Designers often make mistakes as they do not consider the printing speed as an important criterion. It is however, one of the most important things which should be kept in mind while taking bulk orders or attempting very complex designs with many layers. Be careful while judging your expected printing time depending on the printer manufacturer’s speed ratings as most of them are determined in low-res settings, which is rarely used on field by the designers.

Interesting Printer Features Which Can be Very Useful

After you have printed your design on vinyl you need to cut it precisely as per the intricate design or around its contour which can be a messy and difficult work. Won’t it be just easier if the printer itself cuts out the vinyl sheet and produces a final, ready to put-up product upon printing? This is exactly what many new generation printers do.

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