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Meat Packing Near Me: How To Choose the Right Meat Packaging

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November 16, 2022

The 2020s have caused several people to reevaluate their cooking habits. The COVID lockdowns of 2020 prompted many people to begin cooking from home instead of going out to eat. 

For this reason, meat sales reached record highs in 2020, increasing by 19.2% from 2019. This figure made the meat-selling business more competitive than ever. 

Customers don’t have much information when deciding between your meat and a competitor’s. In many cases, this decision comes down to your meat packaging. That’s why meat-packing companies are such essential partners for your business.

So, how can you find meat packing near me? Continue reading this meat packaging guide to discover the answer to this question!

Find Meat Packing Near Me With Flexible Meat Packaging Materials

The first thing a meat packaging company should provide is flexible packaging materials. Choosing the best film material and a compatible closure can preserve the overall quality of meat, including:

  • frozen meats
  • deli meats
  • processed meats

We recommend using recloseable packaging. This method allows for multiple uses while extending the product’s shelf life. 

This packaging offers a barrier against oxygen and moisture, making it an efficient way to extend the product’s lifespan. Resealable packaging can continue to block moisture once opened.

However, the packaging cannot simply be convenient for your company and the supermarket. Most importantly, it must be convenient for the customer. Ideally, the best packaging will be simple for customers to open and close. 

Zippers are often a convenient way to provide this simplicity. They provide an airtight seal while also causing little frustration for customers. 

Incorporate Branding Into Your Packaging

Regardless of your industry, branding is a crucial consideration in packaging. Your package should tell the customer something about your company and its identity. Likewise, it should provide valuable information for the customer’s convenience.

Although it may sound strange, branding is critical for meat packaging. After all, most raw meat looks similar to competing products. When customers decide to buy one brand over another, it often stems from the packaging. 

So, how can you incorporate your brand into the packaging? First, ensure you noticeably include your company’s name and logo. Many companies do this in the corner of their sealing film. 

If there’s anything distinctive about your meat products, include this information in a visible place. For example, if you’re selling lean beef, consider mentioning that your product only contains 7% fat. 

Other information your packaging should mention includes:

  • the expiration date
  • serving size
  • storage procedure

The best meat packing company can provide this information in a noticeable way. So, look for one that can boost your branding and sales!

Consider Working With Us

These meat packaging tips can go a long way to finding the best meat packing near me. Choosing the right materials and incorporating branding ensure better quality products and sales.

Several companies can provide reliable packing materials. But only a select few can incorporate branding into your packaging. 

That’s where we come in! Our company specializes in graphics installation for several industries. Working with us ensures your products stand out from competitors.

No project is too big or small for us. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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