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Popular Materials Used for Outdoor Signage


May 24, 2013

open signOutdoor signage is the most popular marketing tool adopted by many small or large enterprises. A well-designed signage positioned in the correct location increases the visibility of the product marketed and the brand of the company considerably. It is important for maximum exposure that the signage remains in proper shape for a long period of time.

The durability of an outdoor signage depends on its location, the climatic condition it is exposed to, and the material on which the designs are printed. For example a signage placed in a residential area will definitely last longer than one place in a busy traffic zone. It is therefore necessary that you choose the material used to print the signage carefully.

The materials generally used to print a signage belong to the following categories. All you need to consider before choosing the material are your specific requirements like flexibility of the material, clarity of the print, and the location available for the particular signage in question. A simple example will be wood or boards compared to flex signage.

Acrylic Signage

If you are looking for a flexible and glossy finish design, which is able to attract potential consumers towards the product you are marketing, this is the material of choice. Acrylic is the collective name given to a range of plastic based materials which are layered into a very strong and durable sheet with a glossy finish. Signage printed on such a material requires minimum maintenance, and at the same time, it provides a very sophisticated look to the design. Because of their relative lightweight, their installation process is hassle free as they can be pinned, hung, or even taped at a particular location as per convenience.

Metal Signage

If you are looking for a long-term outdoor usage, then you should definitely go for a metal signage. They are highly durable, weather-resistant, and are able to present your message in an attractive format. The major application of such a signage is seen in road-side banners, traffic signals, pool-side signs, and in long duration promotional campaigns. A baked enamel color printing will give the design both appeal and durability. This type of signage requires the least amount of care, the only thing to keep in mind is to avoid direct exposure to sunlight as the baked enamel color becomes brittle easily.

PVC Signage

If custom designed signage and flexibility is in your mind, then this is the ideal option. The material is durable and very flexible. It comes in different thicknesses, strengths, and colors. The faded texture reduces glare on the design and is the apt choice to put up a signage on high-traffic roads and highways. It can be easily cut into various shapes in order to create a variety of custom designs. Installation of these signs should be done a little more carefully as once exposed to sunlight and heat, they tend to expand. Also, try to install them in low-humidity areas with proper supports on all sides.

Mentioned above are the most popular choices in outdoor signage material. Various other types like aluminum and plastic are frequently used depending on your specific requirements and budget.

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  1. True. Outdoor signage should last a long time. The right signage material should be used so that it can withstand the weather of the area.

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