Industrial Screen Printing

The Graphics Shop uses a highly sought after, 4 color, industrial screen print processing system which prints up to four different colors and 133 lines per inch.

Not many print shops can do what TGS does and that is why we excel in providing custom screen-printing solutions to customers all across the United States.

Meat Case Dividers

Meat processing companies have relied on The Graphics Shop's expertise for many years. We serve some the most respected names in the beef, poultry and pork industry like Bell & Evans, Catelli, Pine Brook, Delicioso and more.

TGS screen prints, die cuts and molds meat case dividers, rail strips and danglers used to market meat products in grocery stores all across the United States.

Specialty Screen Printing Applications

Our screen printing team has more than 60 years of combined experience which allows us to offer customized solutions that other printers cannot. Take the Electrical Equipment Company for example. They were relying on a Chinese company to print on their electrical box lids. When that was no longer viable they came to TGS.

With the new paint that EECO was using on their lids, the old screen print ink would no longer work. After researching different options our team was able to formulate an epoxy screen printing ink that performed better than anything previously used.

screen printing with epoxy ink
screen printing with epoxy ink
screen printing with epoxy ink
screen printing with epoxy ink
screen printing with epoxy ink
screen printing with epoxy ink

Screen printers Larry and Paul working on the specialty epoxy ink screen print job for Electrical Equipment Company.

Signs, Labels & Decals

TGS provides high volume production of signs, labels and laminates for industrial and commercial businesses. Some examples would be:

  • Real Estate Yard Signs
  • Chemical Container Labels
  • Directional or Way Finding Signs
  • Review Mirror Parking Tags
  • Security System Yard Signs
  • Custom Designed Magnets
  • And nearly any other custom solution

Screen Printing Samples