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The 7 Most Common Mistakes People Make With Outdoor Signage

By TGSadmin

January 21, 2019

Although it may seem simple to design and install outdoor signage – putting your logo in, getting in a few words, and placing it on a building – there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration. When designing graphics used for outdoors you have to be mindful that it differs from indoor signage.

Before you finally decide to take the plunge into designing your outdoor signage, make sure you are not committing common mistakes. What you choose to represent your business reflects the competence and professionalism of your company to those that see your signs.

Here are the common mistakes people tend to make with outdoor signage:

  1. Unreadable Fonts

As fancy as the font may be, it is important that what you use as a font in your outdoor design is readable. Classic fonts like Helvetica and its variations are often the best choice for readability. Although some fonts may be relevant to what your business does (like if you offer wedding services, your font could be a script font), you have to make sure it’s legible.

  1. Logo Fails

We all want our graphic designs to be unique and creative as much as possible. When it comes to logos, some may include something sentimental or very close to their hearts and some may even use inside jokes. However, this could lead to unintended results. Before deciding to put your logo into your final design, have someone take a look at your design for a completely unbiased opinion and perspective.

  1. Location

When putting up your sign, you have to make sure that nothing will ever cover or block it in any way. You may have put it behind a tree during winter. When summer arrives, it will become apparent that installing it behind a big leafy tree was a mistake. Another thing to remember is make sure it is located in the most visible area possible. You don’t want to make your signs hard to find.

  1. Sunburnt Printing

Spending the day at the beach will require you to use sunscreen. Just like how your skin needs protection, your outdoor sign will also need protection from the sun. Therefore, they need to be printed with inks that are resistant to UV rays to prevent fading and color degrading. It is advisable to use UV inks over water-based inks because they are fade resistant and waterproof.

  1. Not Planning for Nature

It is quite obvious that paper-based and other biodegradable products will not be able to withstand any harsh outdoor conditions. When buying the materials you’re going to use for the sign, you should know that there are many waterproof materials to choose from, and that your printer can help you choose the best option.

Also, have you ever wondered why some outdoor signs have holes in them?  That’s because the holes help the sign not to be swept away by a strong gust of wind as it allows the wind to flow through it. It is a good idea to plan for wind by making your sign flexible enough.

  1. Ignoring Temperature Effects

If you know that your area experiences a lot of intense weather conditions, then your sign should be able to keep it strong and withstand high heat or extreme cold temperatures. Some signs react differently to hot or cold weather. It could lead to melting or becoming brittle and break. So before you decide on the material, check first with your printer and the manufacturer guidelines to assure that your needs are met.

  1. Lack of Security Measures

If you are planning to display your signage for quite a long time, you should be aware of the potential for vandalism depending on location. In the case of graffiti to easily remove paint, you can laminate your sign to use it as a protective film. This will make the cleaning off spray paint much easier.

Also, your installation method should also be assured that it is thief-proof as outdoor signs have been targets because of how easily removed some of them can be.

Here at The Graphics Shop, we specialize in designing, printing and installing professional outdoor signs. With our expert graphic designers and installers, we are able to identify and avoid these common mistakes to insure you get the best sign possible. If you have questions or comments, submit your message below or you can contact us today!

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