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The Top 5 Print Marketing Materials for Meat Packing Companies

By tgsva

June 16, 2022

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Are you wondering how you can make your meat packing and distribution center even more successful?

Nowadays, companies focus a lot on digital marketing. While digital marketing can help you build your clientele, you shouldn’t forego the traditional print marketing tactics that have worked so well for decades. 

The right print marketing materials keep your costs low and give you a high return on investment. In the article below, we’ll get into the top 5 print materials you’ll need for marketing a meat company. Keep reading if you want to grow your clientele!

1. Meat Case Dividers

If you want really want to improve your meat packing marketing, think about ordering branded meat case dividers. These dividers feature your logo and business name.

Once you’ve designed these dividers, ask your local grocery store to use them. That way, anyone who is buying meat will have the chance to learn about your company.

2. Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps remain an effective marketing tool for meat packing businesses. On your vehicle wraps, include your company name, logo, and description of your services.

Then, add contact information so potential customers can reach you.

Once you’ve paid to have the wrap done, you’ll get free advertising every time someone drives one of your cars!

You can also get wall, floor, and window wraps to maximize your advertising potential.

3. Company Signs

Company signs help people identify where you’re located and build brand awareness. If possible, it’s best to station your sign near the road so that passing drivers can learn about your company.

You’ll also want to invest in signs to put on your building. If the building is a little bit away from the main road, get a wayfinding sign so that people don’t get lost.

Other types of signs that work well as print marketing materials include banners, site signs, backlit signs, signs with Gemini lettering, and signs with Braille (increasing ADA accessibility).

4. Promotional Fliers

When you create a meat packing and distribution company, you should start developing a mailing list. To do this, you can have people fill out forms on your website. 

Then, start writing fliers for any promotions you might run. These could include sales of certain services or products. Make sure you write engaging, on-brand copy that directs the reader to do what you want them to do. Include contact information so they can place orders or reach out with any questions.

5. Brochures

Having brochures on hand helps you introduce people to your company when they might not know much about it.

An effective brochure conveys information in a concise manner. It also often includes sleek designs and photos. Plan out your brochures in a careful manner beforehand. Then, print a few to make sure they look good before you hand them out en masse.

Getting the Right Print Marketing Materials

 Finding the right print marketing materials for your company is crucial. 

If you’re looking for high-quality graphic designs, wraps, and sign printing, you’ve come to the right place. The Graphics Shop provides professional-grade, customized designs for meat packing companies like yours. We even use a screen printing process that enables us to print 4 different colors and 133 lines all at once!

If you want to know more about what we can do for you, request a quote today!

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