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Top 5 Reasons You Need Custom Vehicle Wraps

By tgsva

October 18, 2021

Businesses are bombarded with advertising and marketing options, and unfortunately, they just aren’t working. Consumers are annoyed by intrusive ads that interrupt their social media, video streaming services, and other media consumption. Instead of paying for costly ads that frustrate potential customers, consider a lower-cost method that is sure to get people’s attention – custom vehicle wraps. 

A high-quality vehicle vinyl wrap advertises your business wherever you go. And the more vehicles you have, the more advertising you can do. Read on and learn why vehicle wraps are a tool every business owner should consider.

1. Custom Vehicle Wraps Cost Less Than Other Ads

If your advertising budget is taking a hit from print, television, radio, and outdoor billboards, you’re going to love vinyl wraps. At the lowest cost per impression, a truck wrap or car wrap can reach more people for less money. 

2. Promote Your Brand and Business Everywhere You Go

Unlike other advertising formats that require customers to read a specific magazine or watch tv during a particular time of day, custom vehicle wraps go wherever you go. And if you have multiple drivers, delivery trucks, or company representatives, your ad can be in different places around town at the same time. Few advertising platforms can extend your reach this well.

3. Custom Wraps Cost Less Than Custom Paint

Some businesses think about custom paint jobs for their fleet vehicles, but paint is an expensive and near-permanent solution. With custom vehicle wraps, you’ll see thousands of dollars over custom paint. And you can change out your vehicle wrap more easily and frequently.

4. It Works With Any Vehicle

Whether you drive a large panel van or a compact car, there are custom wrap options for every type and size of vehicle. You can even use different styles of graphics and messages on different cars, vans, or trucks to reach different market segments. With the right design, you can even wrap the windows to take advantage of every square inch of your car or truck.

5. Car Wraps Don’t Affect Leases or Resale Value

Unlike custom paint jobs, vinyl wraps can be removed at any time without damaging the paint. If you’re leasing a vehicle or plan on selling one of your fleet cars, it’s fast and easy to restore the car to its original state. You can’t do that with custom paint.

Get the Message Out (and About)

Custom vehicle wraps are effective for advertising your business when you’re on the move. They cost less than custom paint jobs and are easy to change or remove when necessary. You’ll be able to advertise your products, service, or brand to a wide range of people at a fraction of the cost of other ads.

To explore your options for custom vehicle wraps, contact us today. We’ll share the tips and tricks we’ve learned to help you promote your business and help you design the perfect wrap for your vehicle.

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