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Top Meatpacking Ideas: Your Quick Guide to the Essentials

By tgsva

February 21, 2022

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Americans love their meat. That’s why nearly 78,000 Americans work in the meatpacking industry.

That number indicates that you can turn a profit while running a meatpacking business. But it also means that you have a lot of competition. You need to follow meatpacking tips that will make your company distinct and generate sales. 

How should you package your meat? Why is seafood so difficult to package? What should you do to market your company? 

Answer these questions and you can turn a profit through a few simple steps. Here is your quick meatpacking guide.

Vacuum Seal Large Cuts

Roasts, tenderloins, and steaks are difficult to pack because they are so bulky. If you place your large cuts in a box, the meat can spoil, even if you refrigerate them. 

Nearly all meatpacking companies vacuum package their large cuts. They seal the meat in plastic so there is no contact between the meat and the air. 

This form of packaging does not leave you with much room for meatpacking designs. You can place one or two stickers and labels over the plastic. You can include your company logo, but you need to include nutritional information and other details on your labels.

Be Flexible With Seafood

Raw fish can only stay in the refrigerator for up to two days before cooking. Frozen fish can last longer, yet the flavor of the fish can lessen if it remains in the freezer for a long period. 

Carbon dioxide can extend the shelf life of seafood. This means that you should package seafood in bags and fill them with a little gas. A bag is bulky, which gives you room to create an attractive design. 

Develop Your Brand

There is no meatpacking advice for branding that all companies follow. Some companies have been in the business for decades, so they have a conservative brand. Other companies want to seem environmentally friendly or modern. 

Think about what the brand for your company is. Then make decisions that will extend your brand in a new way. 

A subtle way of developing your brand is to use a meat case divider. You can put your company logo on it and write a short description of your meat. 

If you have a conservative image, you should be conservative with your packaging and divider. Use images of farms and mountains to suggest a rural, all-American setting.

If you’re more modern, you can be brighter and bolder. You can use light blue, especially when you are promoting seafood. You can include labels that show how environmentally friendly your food is.

Market Your Meatpacking Business

In the meatpacking industry, you have to take many steps to make your business stand out. You should focus on keeping your food safe. Big cuts of meat need vacuum packaging while seafood should go inside a bag with carbon dioxide in it. 

But you can find opportunities to build your brand. On your vacuum packages, you can include stickers with your company logo. You can create meat case dividers that have your logo and descriptions of your products.

Don’t pack your meat by yourself. The Graphics Shop helps meatpacking businesses with their graphic designs. Request a quote today. 

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