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What You Need To Know About Computer Cut Vinyl Graphics

By TGSadmin

December 7, 2018

computer cut vinyl graphics

In order to achieve the professional results for your window decals whether it be lettering or graphics, the vinyl must be cut with either of these methods: die cut or computer cut.

Ideal for window graphics, computer cut vinyl is a common solution when you want a simple logo or a single-colored text for your window display. A computer cut vinyl undergoes a method wherein the cut is done with the use of a knife blade plotter. It produces a custom cut-to-shape effect. In other words, computer cut vinyl graphics can be identified as a sticker, decal or lettering. They are made out of adhesive vinyl in the desired shape by a blade that is housed in the printer.

An example of vinyl cut lettering or graphics is the store hours displayed on a retail store or even the Nike swoosh that you see on a vinyl banner. Other examples are also used as graphics for cars like the lettering you see on the side of a service truck or business vans.

Computer cut vinyl lettering is vector artwork that a digital printer or cut vinyl plotter traces around to cut and shape with a knife blade that is computer driven. Instead of manually cutting out the material, this kind of vinyl is cut to the shape of the image that is designed on the computer. The size and shape can vary greatly and the vinyl will be cut digitally and precisely.

When prepared for installation, it must be with a smooth non-porous surface with a thin piece of transfer tape over the top. This is to keep the graphic in place when it’s time for application.

Additionally, unlike die cut vinyl, computer cut vinyl requires no dye set up which means that it is much more economical. Typically, a printer will have many different colored rolls of vinyl to choose from. Once the design is plotted out in the software, the file is sent to the vinyl cutter which “kisscuts” the correct letters or shapes.

We hope you have learned a lot from us about computer cut vinyl graphics! If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help you. Submit your message below or you can contact us today!

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