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What You Need to Know About Large Banners

By TGSadmin

September 20, 2019

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Outdoor signs such as banners are effective ways to advertise or promote your business or establishment. Banners are not only affordable; they are also multi purpose. Building banners, when hung, can cover blank and dull spaces or areas that may undergo a renovation at the same time can also promote an event, sponsor, promos, discounts, or your brand itself. Bleacher banners, used almost all the time with sporting events, cover open or unsightly areas under the bleachers while also displaying past achievements, sponsors, or the season’s schedule. They can also cover empty sections of seats to allow the full stadium experience for small events.

Because large banners are specifically a versatile marketing tool, what they display can make a huge impact. Whether they are displayed outdoors or indoors, on the front or the back of buildings, the walls or the ceilings of a gymnasium, these large banners will serve their purpose most effectively whether it’s informing, advertise, or promote.

When used indoors, large banners are useful when you want to cover up for a major renovation. With this, you can avoid closing your establishment just to wait for the renovation to finish. Large banners are also particularly useful to big establishments like hardware stores or malls. They can target a much larger audience.

Large banners when used outdoors also target large audiences. Besides displaying your brand name and logo, the best way to catch the attention of passersby is to display specialties (discounts, promos, limited editions, etc.). These potential customers will definitely turn to actual customers! You just have to make sure that these large banners are designed with the sizes and layout. Even though they’re large, make sure what’s written in it is readable from afar.


How large you want your banner to be is dependent on you and the area where you want to display it. You can simply provide the dimensions of your banner or you can talk to the expert and ask the appropriate size for your banner. Your design will also depend on the size of your banner, so if you haven’t decided the size of your banner yet, the banner design will not be started yet.

Another thing about the size of your banner is that it can have its limitations. Once they get past a certain size, the weight can make the installation quite difficult. However, you can still achieve the desired size by also making this large banner into “smaller” large banners. While this still serves its purpose effectively, it is also easier to handle and install.


Large banners are usually vinyl, cloth, or mesh material. For you to know the appropriate material for your desired banner, you will need to know the size, and the where and how it will be displayed. And you will need to communicate this to your graphic designer to achieve the perfect banner.

If you have questions or comments about large banners, our team of professional graphic designers will be happy to help you. Please submit your message below or you can contact us today!

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