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Why Signs Are Important For Business


February 18, 2013

Bergey's Breadbasket SignSigns are as integral to a business as its products, marketing, accounting and entire modus operandi. Signage happens to be the first advertising or marketing tool in the world. A business, located anywhere in a city, town or on a freeway, uses signs to help people know that a business exists there. This may sound extremely simple but at the absolute crux of the idea of using signs is the fact that it basically is a way to tell people, who are prospective customers, that here is a company offering certain products or services.

While the basic reason why signs are important may not hold a lot of relevance today because of the internet, multiple channels of advertisements and resources through which a business can reach out to its customers, yet the impact of signs are still phenomenal and that makes them a decisive factor in a company’s branding, marketing, advertising or promotion.

Attracting New Customers

Whether a business is located at a place where there is a lot of foot traffic or at a place where there is more motorists than passersby, signs can attract new customers who would have otherwise not known of the business or wouldn’t have been too inclined to pay a visit to your store.

Triggering Impulse Buying

It happens with all and sundry. On many occasions, prospective customers do not think of buying something but end up buying it after spotting the signage of a business. The signs in this case not only act as a branding or marketing tool but it acts as a trigger for impulse buying. How often have you ended up buying something which you did not intend to at the outset and the answer can tell you how important a role signs play for a business!

Establishing a Brand

Signage can be of many types. There is an absolute luxury to choose any kind of signs, the printing materials or the quality and designs of the signage. The more attractive, aesthetically sophisticated and unique the signs are, the larger is the impact of branding. Often, some communities or business districts get a new appearance due to the signs used by businesses there. Signage is one of the first channels of communication that a business would use or have with a customer.

Multiple Utilities

Signs have numerous utilities. They can have the business or brand logo, promotional information, contact details or some product highlights and they can be indoor signs, outdoor signs or mobile signs. Outdoor signs have a distinct set of utilities, indoor signs help customers to spot the desirable products or the offers and mobile signs such as billboards or magnetic signs can be a mobile advertising tool.

Signage is also an extremely cost effective advertising tool and it has a larger outreach and greater impact on your target audience than radio, television or print media. With good signs bearing attractive printing and carrying an indelible impression, a business can also try and stay ahead of competitors by drawing attention away from them.

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