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Why Your Office Needs Wall Graphics

By TGSadmin

July 6, 2018

wall graphics

Why Your Office Needs Wall Graphics


wall graphics

In a place where people have to exert their effort and time from 9 to 5, an environment that boosts productivity and happiness is definitely one of the things you must have in the workplace. Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace conducted a study in 2014 wherein 51% of employees felt unengaged at work. Conversely, happy employees were found to be 12% more productive during work hours and that they outperform competition by 20%. With its capability to advertise and display your company name at the same time, office wall graphics can do all of these for you. Professional wall graphics being added in the workplace will increase the morale, making employees feel once again that they love what they do.

Here are 4 reasons that prove wall graphics are needed in the workplace:

They set the tone of your workplace.

Humans respond to visuals. To influence the tone of your work environment thereby influencing your employees, the presence of creative graphics and color schemes is a good way to go. With the right combination of colors, patters, and textures in your design, you can create a productive and happy environment. You can do so by playing with the psychology of colors – blue to promote calmness and trust, orange to increase energy and creativity, red to increase heart rate for physical activities, yellow to promote happiness and optimism, and green to boost creative thinking for brainstorming.

They illustrate and promote your company culture.

Wall graphics, along with its creative and unique designs to play with, also help your employees stay focused on your brand’s core. They help promote a positive work ethic as well as motivating your employees. You can use this as an opportunity to remind your workers what your company represents and what your core mission and values are. Wall graphics can also inspire and motivate with the correct positivity and encouragement.

They boost customer appeal.

Wall graphics become ineffective when they only relay information without any color or design. These kinds of signs don’t appeal at all. One of the abilities of a wall graphic is to welcome potential customers properly. They can establish a comfortable and inviting environment with an aesthetically pleasing view in the lobby or in the waiting room.

They contribute to your company’s brand.

With a wall mural in your office, it will certainly boost your brand equity. Wall graphics promote your brand at every turn whether it’s in the lobby, in the conference rooms, or even in the restrooms! You just fuse your company’s logo with your company name and a reminder what your company is all about, then you are good to go! Visitors will surely remember your brand.

We hope these reasons help you understand why wall graphics are important in the office. Office wall graphics are a creative yet influential way to decorate your business that is beneficial for employees and customers.

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