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Wrapping Mr. Rogers Windows Fleet

By TGSadmin

March 12, 2015

The Graphics Shop has  worked with Mr. Rogers Windows for over a year to come up with the right solution for them. We teamed up with their marketing firm, The Terry Group, that handles everything from business cards and brochures to TV commercials. It took some time to get the wrap project going as the recession cut into their advertising budget. At the time Gerry Rogers felt like the advertising they were doing with TV and radio was sufficient. After the budgetary concerns were taken care of the project was able to be completed.

Designing the Wrap

The original design concept was provided by the Mr. Rogers Windows marketing contact, Terry Finder of the Terry Group.The team loves the house picture that is seen in the wrap design. The house picture is used in everything from newspaper ads to flyers. Our graphic designer Marc Reyes worked diligently for months with Terry and Gerry to refine the design layout so that it fit the fleet of new vans and box trucks that Gerry purchased at the end of last year.

At one point there was an issue with the resolution of the house picture when we enlarged it to fit the vans and box trucks. It was grainy when viewed from close proximity. We began working on the density of the graphic to find the perfect point where the graphic was dark enough to pop but it didn’t overtone the print so that we lost detail in the picture/house. Marc also photoshopped the image to remove imperfections and even removed a person that we noticed was visible through one of the downstairs windows when we enlarged the print.

Installing Wraps on the Fleet

We printed several full size swatches and met with the Mr. Rogers management team to compare the quality of the images and how they would look from different distances. We even put panels on the truck for approval before we actually applied them. Gerry Rogers was personally involved in all decisions and loves how everything turned out! The project was printed on 3M IJ180 and installed by our 3M certified team. The overal projects has included pritning and wrapping of 10 vans and 2 box trucks over a 3 month period for the Chesapeake, VA and Charlotte, NC locations.

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